Please ensure you are using the latest version of RokNavMenu, available here.


Go to Extensions → Template Manager → rt_modulus_j15 → Menu Control to find all the parameters for Fusion Menu and Splitmenu, such as transitions, duration and sublevel position.

Descriptions of each template parameter can be seen when you mouseover the label of each option.

  • SplitMenu
    Multi-level sub navigation system.
  • No Menu
    Menu becomes Navigation position.

Note: The Bundle Template is only necessary if the Gantry Library is not installed at /components/com_gantry.

Step 1 - Template Installation

Install from Admin → Extensions → Install/Uninstall → Choose File → Select file → Upload File & Install


Step 2 - Template Default

Make the template default at Admin → Extensions → Template Manager → rt_modulus_j15 → Default


Go to Extensions → Template Manager → rt_modulus_j15. Mouseover the labels to view a description of each parameter.

General Documentation

There are several sites which offer a range of useful resources for using Joomla, beyond the core specifics of the Modulus template:

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